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A few thoughts on living and loving Life

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Little musings.....

May you always shine as brilliantly as the brightest star in the dark night sky.

May your life be full of wonder, your mind always curious, your body always healthy and strong enough to explore all the worlds offerings

May you be happy and joyful at all the little beauty in life, a flower in bloom, the smell of fresh rain, the innocence of youth, the smile of a stranger, the sound of the sea and the bright heat of the sun upon your cheek

May you be mindful and respectful of others but never at the expense of your own self May you Love with all your being and be open to receive this back

Always Remember you are limitless. Your only obstacle is your own imagination so dream BIG! Do not be swayed by the limiting opinions of others, more often than not they are ignorant.

Remember all change is inevitable, Embrace it. It’s what keeps life interesting! Do not dwell on things past nor frolic frantically about the future yet to come, the only thing real in this world is the present moment, the here and now so hold this close and don’t let go.

Relish everything life has to throw at you, all the straight and narrows, the windy curves and the downright zigzagged.

It’s all worth savouring.

A roller coaster that is smooth and straight with no ups and downs makes for a boring ride! Remember there are no bad decisions, only good lessons

Remember to smile ...all the time. when you are happy, sad, indifferent, a smile will always help.

Most importantly remember to breath .... oh and do yoga....every damn day!

Fly high above the world

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