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It's all about being tucked in!

I recently found myself on a cold plane flying over Europe on a night flight to Delhi trying to wrap the thin blanket around me to capture some warmth and try to sleep. When I inevitably failed to get every part of my body covered and cosy I eventually gave up and thought I’ll just put up with having a cold back but secretly wishing someone would tuck me in! I was reminded of a moment of comfort from one of my wonderful fellow yoga teachers @yogawithMags During her practical exam the pinnacle of our yoga teacher training she offered “if anyone wants to be tucked in just let me know” when guiding us into Savasana. To many enthusiastic replies “yes please!” This then became a running theme for Savasana for each exam after, always with a resounding chorus of “yes pleases!”

Now I haven’t been tucked in since I was a child and I had forgotten that feeling of love and care from my parents, the feeling of being safe and secure. Despite being an adult being tucked in, snuggled into a blanket with such a gentle warmth instantly transported me back to being a child again. She took extra care to ensure my feet and hands were safely ensconced in the blanket so no part of me was touching the cold hard floor.

I’m not saying that we as adults should always find someone to tuck us in. But actually as adults why can we not adopt the feeling of being taken care of for ourselves.

We often rush around giving ourselves over and above freely to others but how often do we take the time to look after ourselves to ensure that we are not uncomfortable in any way, that we feel safe, warm and loved in whatever endeavour we undertake in every day life. After all we are the only ones who are always capable of doing this for ourselves at all and any time Why not give yourself a little self love and ‘tuck yourself in’

Try some self massage.

Run yourself a hot bath with all the bubbles, candles, music, a good book and hell even a little glass of wine now that dry January is done with!

Go for a walk in the brisk fresh January air, marvel at the tiny little shoots of hyacinth or daffodils that are defiantly braving the cold to peek their head up and see the world.

Try a small square of your favourite chocolate holding it in your mouth allowing the heat to slowly melt the sweet yummy deliciousness onto your tongue. No chewing, just mindfully taking the time to taste the gloriousness of chocolate!

Give yourself a little pleasure in life on occasion it’s OK, you have permission!

Go all out.

Do everything you can to make yourself feel cared for and loved.

What do you do on a daily basis to make yourself feel better? Comments below would love to hear your views.

If you are feeling the cold hardness of life in these winter months and feel there is just no energy or self care, let someone else help and take care of you. Join me for a Restorative and Yoga Nidra class and let us tuck you in!

With lots of props, pillows and soft warm blankets perfect for a Friday evening wind down treat! The first Friday of each month starting 1st March 6pm at Target Health, Bedford Place, Southampton. Please see class details on my website and click or email to book.

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