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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I was recently lucky enough to be in an open air jeep in Ranthambore National Park driving around searching for TIGERS!

We were in the jeep with two other people and were reaching the end of our last drive of the trip. The couple with us were so distraught at not finding a tiger, huffing and sighing, feeling that the whole trip would be ruined if they did not get a sighting.

They were so caught up in the worry about not finding a tiger that I cannot help but feel they missed all the other wonders around us.

The misty light of dawn shining through the banyan tree branches.

The majestic red spotted deer with antlers that they shed every year then have to regrow. The dusty battle between two young male Samba deer, horns clacking, vying for dominance for the chance to mate.

A tiny baby monkey snuggled into it's Mummy, curiously peeking out at the world going by.

The stunning iridescent aqua blue of the kingfisher as it flits from one branch to another. The burst of laughter as we watched a peacock literally shaking its tail feather to entice it's female!

It made me think about how often we all do this. We fixate on an end goal and become distressed and disappointed if we do not perceive ourselves as achieving it.

Often at the detriment of our focus and enjoyment of the current moment

So for my class that I shared today with my Yoga Tribe - my fellow recently qualified yoga teachers - the focus of the sequence took us through a preparation for Akastavakasana (Eight Angle Pose)

This is a pose I have never been able to do!

But that’s not the point, the aim was to focus on the preparation before. The feeling of building strength in the arms during Chataranga in preparation for them to one day be able to hold our weight. The burn of our abdominal muscles as we build fire in our core in preparation for giving us the power to lift. Because just maybe, happiness and success should not be defined by the end point but by the journey you take to get there.

Maybe happiness is not about finding the tiger Maybe happiness is about enjoying the search Maybe happiness is not about what we can get but about what we already have Maybe happiness is not something that comes from without but rather what already resides within Maybe happiness is not a pretty kingfisher we can catch with a net but a fleeting moment as it flies within your periphery of vision Maybe there is no certain way to be happy, but you should treasure the times when it comes upon you unexpectedly.

And maybe,

just maybe one day you will find your tiger!

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