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Running and Me

I’m going to put it out there....I hate running.

Running and I have always had a bad relationship From an early age when playing catch I could never run fast enough away so would always be caught and be”It” and then be in the impossible situation where I was always “it” as I was never fast enough to catch anyone else!! Oh the childhood trauma of all my friends running away from me and me always being left behind!

My relationship with running did not improve at school where mandatory cross country running in near freezing temperatures in a pair of gym pants and a short PE skirt was deemed to be both ‘educational’ and ‘good for you’. My attempt at pretending I was also on my second lap when everyone overtook me did not fool my teachers and I slowly trudged on long after the rest of the class were back in the warmth and in proper clothing!

So you see running and I have never been friends.

But though not a natural runner I now understand and can appreciate the cardiovascular benefits it provides.

So I found myself gently jogging in this cloudy half light, when a thought came to me, a sudden realisation, a certainty of belief which I have not experienced before.

My body, my Self is capable of anything I put mind to, I just have to be willing to put the work in and be prepared to wait for the end result that this would lead to.

There is no doubt that my regular yoga and meditation practice has helped open my mind to the endless possibilities and direction that are available to me.

Buoyed by this exhilarating clarity I took this photo to remind me of the moment and signed up for the New Forest Half Marathon!

Given I have never really run much further than Parkrun before, 13miles has always felt like an insurmountable feat for a short legged non runner like me! But I find myself looking forward to the challenge.

It may not be a straight road but I would get there in the end even if that’s in last place when everyone else has finished and gone home! I will get there putting one foot in front of the other until I cross that finish line!

At least now as an adult I get to wear temperature appropriate clothing!!

What will you do in 2019 to step out of your comfort zone?

How about signing up for a 6 week beginners yoga course starting 21st February see my home page for more details and to book!

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