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The Impermanence of Life...

The only thing definite in this world is that there is nothing definite!

Walking down a beautiful white sand spit Bubbling surf around my feet I tried channelling my inner teenager and write my initials in the sand Whilst taking time to decide whether to write 'and' or 'ampersand' The wave rolled in and washed half of my unfinished creation away

much to my frustration and chagrin

But actually upon reflection; this is life The mighty Ocean and world showing me with one simple rippling wave the impermanence of all Our attachment to stasis Aversion to change Clinging on to permanence past Is futile and unhealthy for mind, body and soul

The world and life is ever changing

like the constant movement of the waves,

the perpetual churning of the sea Always shifting, never the same So must we be continually evolving, easily adaptable

moving with the times and whatever the world throws at us Able to duck and dive, turn and swerve

to easily navigate the ebb and flow of life

with ease and grace

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